4 Basic Components:

Core Academic Classes – Dixon offers a core curriculum in reading, mathematics, writing, science and social studies. Students have two hours of reading and one hour of mathematics daily. These classes are the first two periods every day.

Extended Academic Classes –  Our school days are extended by one hour for literacy-based, thematic units that take students on virtual travel tours to different continents. Three to four units are studied during the school year with a focus on Africa, Asia and the Americas. Each grade level focuses on a country of the continents under study. Students immerse in the culture, geography, language, music, and art of the countries with project-based research and hands-on activities.

Encore Arts Classes – Our arts program consists of dance (ballet, tap, and modern), vocal music, keyboarding, membrane percussion, drill team, and various other expressive and visual arts classes.

Extended Encore Arts Classes – Dixon students attend a variety of in-school and field trip activities to experience live music, art, and dance activities.