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In 2020, eight Dixon Scholars (plus chaperones) traveled to San Diego to attend the The Ocean Sciences Meeting where over 5000 Ocean Science Professionals from 60 Countries around the world discussed all aspects of oceanography. Dixon Scholars presented their research on the Gulf of Mexico. They exchanged information and learned new and exciting research to bring back to Pensacola.

Dixon students prepared for the field trip by working with professional scientists, writing abstracts, constructing posters and practicing how they will present their research to the science community and their peers. They partnered with Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Bream Fishermen’s Association, the University of West Florida and Elizabeth Eubanks Lead Gardener at Innisfree Hotels’ From the Ground Up Community Garden and Master Teacher/Educator Citizen’s Science Project.

Witnessing other students presenting at an international science conference while engaging with their peers and scientists has been invaluable.  Our scholars developed networking skills as well as have life-changing travel experience on the west coast. Outcomes may include scientific internships, college grants as well as career inspiration.