Donate: Critical Transportation

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Transportation to and from school for our students is critical. Approximately ninety percent of Dixon School of the Arts and Science scholars depend on us for daily transport to and from school.  Many of our parents do not have access to transportation or are working during transport times, and therefore without our help cannot get their scholars to school.

Our bussing logistics are very involved as many scholars do not live in areas where it is safe to walk to a bus stop while others are too young wait alone for a bus. For this reason, we provide door to door service for many students. Our scholars also travel from every direction in Escambia County and are often dropped off in a different location from where they are picked up.

We’ve received a generous grant in 2017 to purchase our first bus but we need two more, so this remains an urgent need. Your financial aid will enable Dixon to provide reliable transportation for students to and from school and will have an immediate, positive impact on our scholar’s school experience. Eliminating vehicle rental expenses will make funding available for other educational and curriculum necessities, including textbooks, computers and other supplies.

If you wish to support this initiative, please click the donate button and indicate you want your donation to support transportation in the ‘additional notes’ section of the form.