We Need Your Help

Why Support Dixon School of Arts & Science

Your support will promote lasting change and provide at-risk students with excellent hands-on learning experiences, intensive arts instruction, and enriched STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art Design, and Math) curriculum.

Dixon School of Arts and Science seeks to end the cycle of poverty through extraordinary educational experiences.  We provide an alternative to the public school system for students and families who need more. Dixon hires dedicated teachers focused on the whole child and includes social and emotional education in the curriculum.

Dixon provides students with a safe and enriching environment, which is critical for their growth and success.

Attending Dixon School of the Arts is a transformative experience for most of our students. Many of our scholars rarely have the opportunity to venture outside their neighborhood. Many have not even been to Pensacola Beach.

Once inside our doors, we make our scholars feel good about themselves via accomplishments in academics, art, dance, and music. We expose them to the world outside the boundaries of their community and help them understand they can do anything they put their mind to.  The positive alteration in the outlook is sometimes so profound it permeates not only our scholars thinking but that of their families and communities at large.