Educational Philosophy

The primary methods that underlie Curriculum and Instruction at Dixon School of Arts and Sciences include:

Core Values Infusion

Our D.I.X.O.N. core values are the foundation of our arts and sciences-infused approach to teaching and learning. These values are embodied in everything we do (scholars, staff, and families).

Curriculum Integration

Core instruction in Reading, Language Arts, Science and Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) are coordinated with creative self-expression to enhance learners’ competence and confidence. Individual and group learning plans, project-based learning, and authentic assessment together support content-area knowledge acquisition and skills mastery opportunities.

Experiential Learning

Our instructional programming is driven by purposeful learning opportunities such as exhibitions, off-site excursions, and performances designed to inspire each scholar’s unique gifts and talents. Class time, plus time in the living laboratories of life are combined to create our recipe for success! At Dixon School of Arts and Sciences experiential learning occurs on multiple levels and it is community-connected. These experiences, designed for practical application, reinforce every scholar’s love of learning.