Enrollment Requirements

You can enroll your scholar in the Dixon School of the Arts online or in the school office. Tuition is $5,000 plus a $150 non-refundable registration fee.

Enrollment requirements include the following:

Age – Students entering kindergarten or first grade must be five or six years old respectively on or before September 1st.

Birth Certificate – A copy of the student’s birth certificate must be provided for school files.

Social Security Number – A copy of the student’s social security card must be provided for school files.

Name Verification – In cases of adoption or name change, a copy of any relevant legal documents must be provided for school files.  In cases of custody, foster or other guardianship agreements, a copy of legal documents must be provided for school files.

Medical Records – A current physical exam report must be provided for school files.

Immunization Certificate – A copy of the scholar’s immunization certificate (official Florida form) must be provided for school files. Florida law requires that students enrolled in Florida schools have a Florida Certificate of Immunization (blue form) showing the child is current on required immunizations.  It is necessary for the parent to supply the school with this certification before a child is allowed to enter school  The certificate is available at the Escambia County Health Department or from your family doctor.  It must be completed by the Escambia County Health Department or a certified Florida physician. It is necessary for all children advancing to the 7th-grade to submit a Florida Certificate of Immunization demonstrating they have received required immunizations.

Application for Admissions – Click here for new student registration and here if student has previously been enrolled at Dixon. These links will take you to our online Gradelink application system.

Step Up for Students Application – Application for a Step Up for Student Scholarship must be completed for scholarship considerations. Click here for the online application.

Physical – All new students who were not previously enrolled in a Florida school must have a physical within a year of enrolling at Dixon School of the Arts.  The State of Florida’s Student Health Examination Form (supplied by your physician) must be submitted for all new students.

Testing – Testing may be required to determine placement.

For more information contact Margo Long, Parent Liaison at 850-435-0511.