Art Gallery Spring Showcase

dixon school of the arts spring showcase pensacola fl art gallery

Twice a year, the Dixon School of the Arts Scholars share their art with their parents and the community. This spring, our students are hosting the best and the biggest Dixon School of the Arts Gallery Night ever.

Dixon scholars produce some of the best children’s visual arts, performing arts and music in the region (in addition to their rigorous academics). On Gallery Night, Dixon scholars will share music, dance, culture and customs from all over the world.  The theme for this event is, “Join us for a ride in a hot air balloon and explore the world continent by continent.”

Print art created by the scholars will be available for purchase before and after the performance.

Be a part of the village that supports these amazing scholars, their accomplishments, and growth at Dixon School of the Arts.

Don’t miss out. These are the comments we hear every time we give a performance, a tour or when visitors experience the Innisfree Children’s Gallery displaying the art created by the talented students at Dixon School of the Arts.

“This was created by your students?”

“I would love to see an all boys tap team!”

“You teach dance and yoga to all your scholars K-8?”

“We love hearing the scholars sing!”

“We Are the World brought tears to our eyes.”

“The caliber of the student’s art is at a college level!”

“Where can we purchase the art for our homes and offices?”

Dixon School of the Arts is supported by Innisfree Hotels’ Corporate Social Responsibility Program – The Hive.