Meet Kindergarten Teacher Katie Coleman

Dixon-School-of-the-Arts-Pensacola-FL-Katie Carmichael

Katie Coleman is a Kindergarten teacher at Dixon, originally from Columbus, Ohio. While studying Human Ecology and Education at Ohio State University, she worked many different jobs, which included leading youth groups at her church, teaching dance, and even waiting tables. After graduating in May of 2015, she discovered Dixon and knew right away it was the school for her.

The passion behind Dixon makes it a very special place for her. The combination of art, God, and a rigorous curriculum allow her to do what she loves most in life, which is to educate young minds, and show them the love of God.  She values that Dixon is a family that grows together every day.

Being a part of the Dixon family has taught her the greatest lesson she has learned in life, which is to never give up on your dreams and to never let fear hold you back. With determination and hard work, you can accomplish anything. This is a valuable lesson that was solidified during the very beginning of her time at Dixon, when her Kindergarten students read to her. It was in that moment that she knew all of her hard work had paid off, and that teaching at Dixon was what she was meant to do in life.