Visiting Artist

The Visiting Artist program at Dixon brings world-renowned artists to our scholars for two week-long focused sessions every four to six weeks. Our visiting artists have a variety of specializations ranging from jewelry making to performing arts.  With these experiences comes the use of professional materials, which yields higher quality artwork, and exposes the scholars to the real-life experiences of working artists. The use of professional materials also offers our scholars the opportunity to see and explore a variety of mediums in which they may have a talent or interest. It’s an introduction to new techniques, vocabulary, and new genres via unique artists.

Up Comming Artist

Victor Bell

Vic Bell is a songwriter, music producer & audio engineer. He has worked with students from age 12 -18 producing and recording songs for Gwinnett city Schools. He actively works with independent recording artist from his recording studio based in Georgia.

Vic believes artistic expression is crucial to the development of children and adults. He has a passion for music composition and finds joy in the songwriting process.

Vic will be instructing students on music and lyric composition. This will include hands on experience by the students. After completing the workshop, students will have a working knowledge of song creation and a finished song of their own.

Olivia Bell

Olivia Bell is a youtuber and owner of a small slime shop.

Olivia’s goal is to inspire others in the age range to pursue their goals early in life’s. She loves having creative freedom and being able to share her different talent with the world. Olivia’s example is important because it encourages others to be independent and confident.

Students will learn how to make color changing slime and youtube thumbnails. She will explain the science behind how color changing slime works and the importance of youtube thumbnails.

Amanda Williams

I never envisioned a career in teaching, however, I have grown to appreciate the profession. Perhaps it can be attributed to the fact that I teach culinary arts- where every day is a celebration for the senses.  My journey began 15 years ago when I started working as a hostess at Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse. Through hard work and dedication, I quickly moved into an assistant manager and public relations role for the restaurant.  During my years there, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the culinary arts field. Using the job experience from Ruth Chris’ I then pursued a career in education at Maxwell High School with the culinary arts program in 2011.

My educational background includes an Associates degree in psychology and a Bachelors of Science in Educational Psychology. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Education in Career and Technical Education from Valdosta State University. In addition, I am currently certified with the National Restaurant Association as a Certified Secondary Food Service Educator and ServSafe proctor.

Since I began my work at Maxwell, I have coached students in various culinary, baking, and restaurant management competitions. Every year, students have risen to the challenge and have won or placed top 3 in the state and nation. Most recently, I had a team of students who won the Jr. Chef National Competition at Sullivan University in Louisville Kentucky in which each student was awarded a full scholarship for college.

My work as a culinary arts teacher has given me so much hope for our future generations. I feel it is my duty to give back to the community as a way of paying it forward to the countless people and mentors who have poured into my growth and development. I love seeing the growth in my students and hope to inspire them to reach their full potential.