Dixon Core Values


Diversity • Integrity • eXcellence • Opportunities • Nurturing


We are inclusive and welcome students from all backgrounds and faiths. We celebrate diversity by acknowledging, appreciating, and honoring differences. We promote good community citizenship through caring, cooperation, and collaboration among our scholars, families, staff, and volunteers.  This is demonstrated through responsible, accountable, and service oriented behavior with each other and with our community. Respect is at the heart of our values.


Honesty with self and others is the clear, transparent theme exhibited by Dixon School of Arts and Sciences scholars and all who serve them. Dixon School of Arts and Sciences scholars choose to be trustworthy and truthful, while tolerant of those who differ from them. They are funny, compassionate, and hold deep integrity.


Our school’s scholar body, staff and leaders all strive for excellence with excellence defined as learning and working to the best of one’s ability. Scholars are encouraged and motivated to always give their best effort and push boundaries to learn more and achieve better. , The arts and sciences are used to propel learning while igniting a love of learning.  Scholars collaborate with visiting artists to produce works of art, dances, performances, and other creative mediums.  Scholars are empowered to connect their learning by showcasing their talents at school and throughout the community.


Our scholars’ learning is enhanced through opportunities for participation in live, firsthand, up close and hands-on experiences within both our core curriculum and fine arts programs, Our STEAM driven community partnerships provide creative means for scholars to enrich and solidify their life-long love of learning.


At Dixon we interact with “Village Mindedness” within a loving and caring, trauma-sensitive culture where all support each other with mutual, clear expectations while honoring the challenges scholars, their families, and their community have faced.  We foster individualized personal growth by meeting each scholar at their own academic and social-emotional level by providing interventions that are fashioned for their needs.