Procedures for Reopening 2020/21

Dixon School of Arts and Sciences reopened on August 10, 2020.  School will look and feel different as we rethink and reposition our scholars for safety and Dixon will offer distance learning to our scholars. Parents will have the option of their scholar attending class virtually through zoom on the same school schedule as the scholars and teachers in the building.

We will open school on a 3S procedure: Systems, Spaces, and Schedules.


This category encompasses both space and schedules and these measures require lots of moving parts to work in symphony.

Temperature Checks: All students, faculty and staff will have their temperatures checked before entering.

Masks: Everyone (scholars, faculty and staff) is required to wear a mask at all times. We have enough masks to give each scholar a sanitized one daily.

Water: Scholars will be allowed to bring clear water bottles to school for water. Due to COVID-19, NO water will be dispensed from the water fountain.

Hand Sanitizer: Scholars are encouraged to bring their personal bottle of hand sanitizer to school. Hand sanitizers have been strategically placed in the hallways. Hand sanitizers are to be used as scholars, faculty and staff enter the building, classroom, before eating meals, coming from recess or outside.

School Nurse: We have an experienced school nurse on site. She will be monitoring scholar, faculty and staff health and keeping abreast of all COVID-19 information and updates. There is a COVID-19 Clinic and a Non-COVID-19 Clinic.

Cleaning: Common areas will be scheduled for cleaning throughout the day.

  • Bathrooms, water fountains, handrails will be cleaned and disinfected every hour.
  • Scholars will use every other sink and urinal as marked.
  • Bathrooms will be sprayed with sanitizers every night.
  • Cafeteria tables and chairs will be sanitized after each use.
  • Scholars will stop class three to five minutes before the period ends to disinfect their tables and chairs.
  • Buses will be cleaned and disinfected after each run morning and afternoon.
  • Night Custodians will clean and disinfect the building after school in preparation for the next day


Physical distancing is key to keeping our scholars, faculty and staff safe from the novel corona virus. Dixon will incorporate the following procedures.

Buses: Scholars will be assigned a seat on the bus. Siblings must sit together. Scholars will receive a mask when they enter the bus and hand sanitizer. It is mandatory that scholars war the face mask for the entire ride and throughout the day. Smaller scholars will sit 2 to a seat and larger scholars 1 to a seat. This will reduce the number of scholars we can transport to and from school. Carpooling is greatly encouraged.

Classrooms: Scholars will be assigned a desk and chair. Scholar’s desks will be placed 5-6 feet apart. Desks will be facing one direction. Where necessary, plexiglass dividers may be used.

Hallways: Stickers will mark the distance between scholars when walking the hallways. Scholars must walk on one side of the hallway in single file. Hand sanitizers have been strategically placed in the hallway for use at any time.

Recess: Scholars may play on the playground and play organized sports and do exercises. They will not be allowed to play contact sports and faculty and staff must remind scholars to maintain social distancing.

Cafeteria: Scholars must maintain social distancing as they enter the lunch line for their breakfast and lunch. They are to sit every other seat and sit facing the same direction. Seats will be assigned. Lunch hours have been extended to reduce the number of classes in the cafeteria at the same time. Eating utensils will be individually wrapped and items may be preset on the tables. The school hours have been extended to accommodate longer lunch periods. There will be more lunch periods during the day to eliminate multiple classes having lunch at the same time.

Libraries: Tables have been placed 5-6 feet apart. Only one scholar at the table at a time.  

Large Gathering: We will NOT have large gatherings such as Showcase performances or Open Houses until further notice.

Visitors: No classroom volunteers, visitors or tours will be allowed until further notice.

Parent Conferences and Meetings: All meetings and conferences will be done virtually.


School Schedule: The school day has been extended to accommodate arrivals, lunch and dismissal schedules. Breakfast is from 7:00-7:45am.  Class starts at 8:00am. Lunch schedule is between 10:45 and 1:15. Dismissal is at 3:15pm.

Arrival: Scholars who arrive by bus will have their temperature taken as they depart the bus and will hand sanitize as they enter the cafeteria food line. Walkers will enter through the side cafeteria door, have their temperature taken, hands sanitized and proceed to the cafeteria line while maintaining social distancing. Car riders will enter through the back cafeteria doors, have their temperatures taken, hands sanitized and proceed to the cafeteria line maintaining social distancing. Scholars will have assigned seating for breakfast.

Dismissal: Bus riders will be dismissed by bus first. Car riders will be dismissed at 3:15pm in the cafeteria. They must maintain social distancing by sitting every other seat and facing the same direction. Car riders are dismissed out of the back door. Parents are to remain in their cars. Walkers who are picked up by parents will be dismissed at the side cafeteria door near the front door. Parents must maintain social distancing. Older scholars who walk home by themselves or with their siblings will be dismissed at 3:20pm using the back door by the playground.

Classrooms: All classes including Encore Classes will work, eat and play with the scholars in their regular class groupings. Until further notice no classes will be combined with other classes or scholars. For example: The tap team is made up of multiple grades and classes. They will not be scheduled for dance classes until we get through the current pandemic crisis.